In a New York Minute

One of our partners presented us with an opportunity to assist with an exciting new concept shop remodel in a New York flagship store.

The primary goal was to provide their customer with a fashionable & exciting shopping environment. In additionit was to be as much representative of our partner’s brand as it was true to the colors and textures of the surrounding Union Square, NYC architecture and “vibe”.

Through effective project management we were able to successfully navigate through multiple design & development obstacles and against a very aggressive timeline. All hand were on deck and we positioned ourselves to ship this full concept within 4 weeks of conception.









Sustainable Brand Strength


When conceiving a new fixture or suite of fixtures, proper identification of what is sustainable during material selection processes is a vital component of achieving your companies sustainability goals.

At PIN, we pride ourselves at out-of-the box thinking and our creative ways of incorporating reclaimed materials into our fixture designs.

If showcasing your brand while also satisfying your sustainability agenda is an imperative for you and your team, give us a look. We’re here to assist and we love a good challenge!


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“According to The Retail Doctor, customers are increasingly looking for a branded shopping experience that they can’t find online. Brick-and-mortar stores have more control over their customers’ experiences. A store remodel can go a long way in building your brand, boosting sales, and bringing in ROI.”

If you’re in need of a partner to help achieve your store visual goals, we could be exactly the Team you’re looking for!

First Things First

flyer 06.26.2020.JPG“A good first impression can work wonders” – J.K. Rowling

“You never get a second chance to make a first
impression” – Will Rogers

“The first impression is always the right one. I
rarely change my mind upward about people” – Hunter S. Thompson

“Two things remain irretrievable: time and a first
impression” – Cynthia Ozick

Ask yourself these questions…
1 – How cohesive is your brand image throughout your
2 – Is each location conveying the message you and
your teams are wanting each & every customer to take away from their
respective in-store experiences?
3 – For a first-time customer walking into one of
your stores, would you have the same comfort level & sense of pride
regardless of the store location?

Remodels, refreshes & budget-conscious visual
upgrade packages are relatively quick & “easy” methods to bring cohesion to
your store environments and strengthen your brand image where it counts (i.e.
the most customer-facing component of your company, your stores).

If you’re in need of a partner to assist in growing
your strength of brand, give us a look. We’ve been doing it for just shy of 30
years (and we’re pretty good at it!).



Safety First

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If you’re in need of a solution that better caters to your store environment’s look & feel for a more polished long-term solution, contact us. Our team of Design & Engineering experts will work with you to devise a solution that will best integrate aesthetically with your existing transaction fixtures.

We are certain we can help you achieve the best fit for your team and your customer’s health & safety and we love a good challenge!

The Big Picture

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Founded in 1992 PIN is an established industry leader in manufacturing and service.

We regularly support the Retail, Healthcare, Hospitality and Education Facilities industries with premium quality budget-conscious fixtures & furniture.

If you’re in need of a supplier partner to assist you and your team in this regard, give us a look. We love a good challenge!