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  • A.R.E Retail Design Award Winner
    • “Above and Beyond Award” Excellence in Customer Service



  • WMIA Award Winner
    • “Commitment to Excellence Through Technology”



  • Wood & Wood Products “Top 100”
    • Multiple Recipient


  • International Woodworking Federation
    • “Factory of the Future”


  • The UPS Store / MailBoxes Etc. Award Winner
    • “Vendor of the Year” Two-time recipient



  • Ross Stores
    • Cashwrap Redesign Award Winner

Wood Industry Market Leader: Jeff Pray

By Karen M. Koenig 
04AB773EY  “If we chase perfection, we will at least attain excellence.” Thus is the mantra of Jeff Pray, President and CEO of PIN as he leads the Irving, TX-based fixtures manufacturer to new heights.

Under his direction, PIN has readied itself for continued growth, “making the decision to continue reinvesting in technology, equipment and expanding our plant for additional capacity,” Pray says.
The company achieved 57.6 percent sales growth in 2010 and the future outlook for PIN continues to be bright, Pray says. “We are building the best team in the industry to manage the processes and details required to continue our goal of always exceeding customer expectations.” PIN currently services the retail, healthcare, hospitality and exhibit industries.

Pray’s early work, as a teenager employed at Charles Nash making water skis and skateboards, and later as an adult running a food distribution center, provided him with valuable skills that he would apply to PIN.

“Nash was very seasonal, shipping most of its annual orders over a 90-day period, so we had to be very nimble and able to change direction very quickly,” he says. “The food industry is very strict on product handling and sanitation. These characteristics are both very important in the success of PIN,” which celebrates its 20th anniversary in February.

Success also comes from the company’s ability to grow business through the existing and new customer base, as well as diversifying into other product lines, Pray says. “My proudest achievements are everyday, when I see that we are able to provide careers to so many associates and quality products to so many customers,” he adds.

A proponent of sustainable manufacturing, PIN has won awards for its customer service, product designs as well as its innovative use of technology. The company also is a member of the Association for Retail Environments and Architectural Woodwork Institute.

It’s not all work though for Pray, whose interests include “sneaking away to the mountains in Colorado with my family for skiing, hiking, rafting, camping and riding snowmobiles.”


PIN : A One Company Boom Economy

For Immediate Release. Irving, TX

At a time when many small businesses are reducing corporate assets in anticipation of a shrinking economy, PIN is heading in the opposite direction. President and CEO Jeff Pray, is not someone to back down. Under his vision, PIN is moving ahead with an aggressive growth strategy, hiring top personnel and acquiring new manufacturing technology.

PIN designs, produces and deploys complete environments or custom case goods for the retail, healthcare and hospitality industries. They have managed to stay at the forefront of emerging processes allowing them to pursue new and varied pieces of business. The 172,000 square foot plant has been completely reorganized for improved manufacturing flow. Now, raw materials enter on the north side of the plant and finished goods exit on the south side. Technological investment in the past year has topped $4.5 million.

The strategy is paying off. In 2011 the company saw a 57% increase in sales and augmented their workforce by 30%. This year they intend to expand their plant by an additional 100,000 square feet and add another 20 employees. PIN’s clients have traditionally consisted of established national brands—now they’re attracting fast-growing, new concept retailers.

Jeff Pray was recently named one of the top eight industry leaders by Wood & Wood Products. His commitment to his employees, to the plant and to his passion for employing state-of-the-art technology is exemplary. According to the publication’s editor-in-chief, Karen M. Koenig: ‘Under his direction, PIN has readied itself for continued growth.’ Jeff Pray’s attributes PIN’s successes to a root strategy “…continue reinvesting in technology, equipment and expanding our plant for additional capacity.” PIN has received many awards for customer service, product design and innovative use of technology. The company is a member of ARE and the Architectural Woodwork Institute.



Master’s Of Their Own Domain- Retail Fixture Manufacturer

Irving, TX

The long and the short of this story has finally found resolution in Irving, Texas. After years of getting by with this manufacturer of custom, retail fixtures now owns Definitely worth the effort, according to CEO Jeff Pray, and for more than one reason.
First—it’s of general agreement that the ‘.com’ domain—one of seven generic top-level domains (GTLDs) is the internet standard. In real terms a ‘.com’ is at least 70% more valuable than a ‘.net’ or ‘.org.’
Take a look at the prices paid to own a choice, category ‘.com’ domain; was acquired for a whopping $7.5 million while cost $3.3 million. There is speculation that the other gTLDs actually have a negative impact on business? When was the last time, if ever, you knowingly visited a .biz or .name?
Second—you must take into account the iconographic nature of the pin as an everyday article of human life. Where would any tailor be without one? Not to mention the mutuality between the company’s high-end, precision-based engineering and manufacturing—and the nature of a pin in terms of it’s sleek, machine-crafted perfection.
Third—would you ever forget this URL. No way. The brevity of name—three letters followed by .com is impossible to forget. Not to mention how easily it rolls of the tongue.
With it’s new domain and a heavy-hitting client roster, PIN is rapidly expanding into new areas of business and technological development. The company has also recently launched a new web site.
Combining state-of-the-art technology with experienced, dedicated people, PIN produces quality fixtures, retail display systems, healthcare, hospitality and exhibit systems and case goods. PIN has a reputation for delivering high-quality products, on time, within budget and to exact specifications.
Their ongoing investment in technology allows them to deliver large-volume orders quickly and cost-effectively. And they don’t shy away from challenges. On the contrary—when it comes to retail display systems, healthcare, hospitality and exhibits they are up to the task.
Attracted to their progressive style, PIN clients tend to be as diverse and innovative as they are. Founded in 1992 PIN has rapidly become an industry leader in retail display systems manufacturing and service.