Plant Capabilities

At over 269,000 square feet under roof – we utilize the most technologically advanced machinery in the world and are an award-winning manufacturer recognized around the world for our manufacturing facilities, our technology, and our continual reinvestment into our equipment.

From craftsman to production line specialists, we employ over 140 plant staff that are continually trained and educated on evolving technologies and manufacturing practices to ensure we maintain our diverse and cutting-edge manufacturing applications.

Creative Use of Materials

  • Shapes and Contours
    We possess the ability to create shapes and contours to our client’s projects where traditional manufacturers are limited.
  • 3D Laminates
    Our  Dimension F/X offering provides unique and custom applications that promote creativity and personalization to our client’s product line.


We have 269,000 square feet! Visit our facility and you’ll notice the commitment we’ve made to meet our client’s objectives. Our resolve to maintain the latest in equipment and technology has us in commanding production power.

  • 269,000 Square Feet Facility
  • 108,000 Square Feet Fabrication
  • 130,000 Square Feet Warehouse
  • 14,000 Square Feet Shipping/Receiving
  • 12,000 Square Feet Office

Shipping & Consolidation

Quality & Consistency

  • Quality Control
    At every phase of production, we employ consistent and continual product assurance that is recorded and documented for our client’s verification.
  • Quality Assurance
    At every step of our process – from design through manufacturing and final delivery – PIN promotes an industry best for its ability to maintain consistency in the products it provides.
  • Distribution
    We implement a three-part “pull and process” program where all goods shipped are surveyed by three separate quality assurance inspectors to check for correct quantity, quality, and overall condition of goods loaded for delivery.

Metal Fabrication in Guadalajara –Ownership position
PIN Manufacturing
Exhibidores PIN de Mexico is a joint venture with Technologia Tecnomet, S.A. a metal manufacturer. The company, based in a 65,000 square foot facility, currently produces products for PIN and assembles components for PIN customers that have locations in Mexico.
Current delivery time to PIN from this facility is about two days.

  • Metal fabrication –China / Mexico / Taiwan
  • Solid wood fabrication–China/Vietnam/Mexico
  • Quartz fabrication -China

PIN Commitment to Quality

  • Six Sigma Operational Compliance & Total Quality Management
  • PIN has viable fixtures installed in locations throughout the world that have been in place for more than 25 years (and counting!)
  • Throughout our history, we have maintained a warranty claim


Mill-work Equipment

Our equipment roster is a who’s who of cutting edge technology and it’s expanding!

Panel Saws

2 – Holzma HPL430 Profiline

Straight Line Edge Banding

2 – Homag SE-9800-CNC

Contour Edge Banding

3 – Homag BAZ-322

Automated Machining Centers

1 – Weeke BHT-500
1 – Weeke BHC-500
1 – Weeke BHP-145
1 – Weeke BHP-150
1 – Weeke BHC Venture 3

Multi-Spindle Routing and Boring Centers

2 – Homag BOF 712 Twin Table Routing Centers

Horizontal Boring and Dowel Insertion

3 – Koch Sprint CNC PTP

Automatic Feed Case Clamp Assembly Lines

1 – Ligmatech MDE-110
1 – Ligmatech MPH-400
1 – Midwest Automation VF-3600 Versaform Post Former
1 –  Auto V AVG 48 FT Universal V-Groover
1 – Homag Optimat D-72296 Double End Tenoner

Laminating Equipment

In the world of 3D Lamination, we are leading the way for everyone in the industry!

Spraybotic CD Panel Gluer – HC

3D Lamination

1 – Wemhoner Vario Press Universal 2000