Our Philosophy

PIN is dedicated to providing superior products & services to our customers by continuously improving processes and having a keen focus on customer satisfaction that is supported with ongoing development of our team members.

At PIN, we utilize 3 core principles


Out-of-the-box thinking with a focus on end user efficiencies and strengthening brand aesthetics. Our dynamic team of ex-retailers and space management authorities partner with our creative design & industrial engineering professionals to rapidly and cost-effectively provide solutions that best fit the given opportunity.



Precision, precision, precision. Our commitment to technology and strict engineering regimens ensures we consistently achieve premium quality job after job. Additionally, these commitments ensure exacting dimensional replication so that product is consistent across all production runs.



PIN’s “collaborative all angles approach to problem solving”. The principle of “PINtelligence” is a structured project management process wherein PIN leaders with extensive Design, Engineering, Project Management, Manufacturing, and real-world Retail VMSD & Operations experience ensure optimum project performance & product quality.