Quality-Centric Engineering

Our product engineering is driven by our customer’s design intent and end-user perspective. Through each step of the technical design process, engineering specifications are focused on real-world solutions that are manufacturable and cost-effective. These insights from design, merchant, end use associates a, enable PIN to provide optimal solutions and premium functional on time and on budget.

PIN Quality Control

At every phase of production, we employ consistent and continual product assurance that is recorded and documented for our client’s verification.

PIN has a multi-faceted QA program which is culturally engrained and supports all departments. In turn, this program touches all project lifespan milestones from conception to final field installation.

Engineering standards are meticulously enforced throughout all design and programming phases.

Quality Assurance Agents constantly monitor standards and compliance during all phases of production.

All inventory and active production jobs are tracked and accounted for via scan-based management systems.

Shipping accuracy is maintained by way of a 3-part pick & pull accuracy program which includes pull verification and blind secondary pull verification.